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Carnegie Mellon Quiz Bowl Staffs HSNCT
  Several members, future members, and alumni of Carnegie Mellon Quiz Bowl recently made the trip to Atlanta, Georgia, to play and staff NAQT’s High School National Championship Tournament. Entering freshmen Jackie Wu, Andy Kong, and Gabriel Chuang had great performances in their last high school appearances, and we wish them the very best as they join our club this year. A record 8 members and alumni of Carnegie Mellon Quiz Bowl showed up to staff: Sameer Apte ‘19, Srishti Srivastava (president ’17-18), Aakash Patel ‘16, Steven Silverman (president ‘15-‘17), Andrew Nadig (president ‘13-‘15), Christopher Shan ’18, Ruel Beresford ’21, and Sebastien La Duca ’21. Everyone who staffed played at least one side event and in general had a great time at what is now becoming the annual marquee ‘quizbowl convention’.
CMU Attends ACF Nationals
  Over Carnival weekend, our A team ventured to Boston to compete in our club’s first ACF Nationals in over ten years. The team consisted of Sameer Apte ’19, Srishti Srivastava ’18, David Neiman ’19, and Xiong-Fei Du ’19. In the prelims, the team faced five top-20 teams and lost those games—they redeemed themselves with a win over Harvard B and a forfeit win against Rice to escape the bottom bracket and advance into the third tier of afternoon group play. Sadly, the packet won in most of the later rounds, and the team suffered several very close losses (nearly upsetting Washington University, a highly ranked team) before finally winning its last game against Kentucky to finish 36th out of 48 teams in the tournament. Highlights included a first-line buzz from Sameer on Chopin preludes, Xiong-Fei getting the first buzz of the tournament on X-ray diffraction against a very strong Michigan team, David’s great pull of Hotelling’s Law (which we’d learned only the day before) and Srishti finishing her last game of quizbowl strongly with four tossups, all with great buzzes.